Counting in Rigo progressing well despite blackouts

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By Muhuyupe Soranzi
COUNTING in Rigo, Central, is progressing well although power blackouts in the Kwikila station as well as other minor hiccups have interrupted the process, an official says.
Returning officer Virgil Waisa told The National yesterday that counting started on Monday at the Kwikila Secondary School hall. “We are counting only at daytime because of blackouts at the Kwikila station,” he said.
“However, all in all, counting in Rigo started at a slow pace on Monday but is progressing well with only minor hiccups caused by the scrutineers,” Waisa said.
He said there were 46 polling teams sent out so there would be 46 ballot boxes to be counted before the elimination process.
Counting for the Central regional seat is also done at the same venue.
When The National visited the counting venue on Tuesday, it was very peaceful as  scrutineers were sitting outside and watching as counting officials counted the papers.
Meanwhile, counting for Manus was suspended on Tuesday but resumed yesterday and is progressing.
Election manager Sponsa Navi told The National yesterday that the counting was suspended because scrutineers of candidates had presented a petition to him but that was sorted out and counting has resumed.

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