Court discards petitions against 3 MPs

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THREE MPs no longer have to worry about the election petitions filed against them after the court of disputed return discarded their cases.
The three are Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi, Finschhafen MP Rainbo Paita and Kerema MP Richard Mendani.
The case against Nangoi was withdrawn by the petitioner, Dr Arnold Amet.
The case against Paita was withdrawn by petitioner Theodore Zurenuoc.
Leader of Pangu Pati Sam Basil said the orders by the Court of Disputed Returns allowed Nangoi and Paita to serve their constituents and districts.
“This is a victory not just for Pangu Pati but for the people of Sumkar and Finschhafen,” Basil said.
“And I must commend Sir Arnold and Mr Zurenuoc for acting in a stately manner on these matters.”
In both cases, the court ordered that the security deposits of K5000 each be refunded to the petitioners and for each of the parties in the cases to bear their own costs.
In Mendani’s case, the court dismissed it because Thomas Opa did not serve the petition on time.
Justice Collin Makail ordered that the default in serving the petition within 14 days must bring an end to the petition.

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