Court dismisses woman’s conspiracy charge


THE Waigani Committal Court yesterday dismissed the case of a Chimbu woman charged with conspiracy to defraud a man of K10,000 intended for purchasing land in Port Moresby last year.
Magistrate Mekeo Gauli struck out the charge against Debbie Dawa, from Dumun village in Sinesine, Chimbu, because of confusing statements from witnesses.
Gauli ruled that there was insufficient evidence to commit Dawa and ordered that the charges be struck out for want of prosecution and Dawa be discharged, with bail money refunded.
It was alleged that on Nov 17, 2015, Dawa allegedly conspired with Joyce Moripi with intent to defraud Mathew Kin of K10,000.
It was alleged that she was the property manager of a real estate business and allegedly negotiated with Kin to make a purchase, with K10,000 upfront payments to the company to prevent it being brought by others.
The court heard that on that day, Dawa told Kin that the initial price of the land had dropped from K300,000 to K100,000 and an upfront payment for the land described as Section 255, lot 16, Gahunagaudi Drive, Gerehu stage one in Port Moresby.
Kin went to Bank South Pacific Haus at Konedobu and made a transfer from his account to the company’s account.
Later, Dawa allegedly conspired with Moripi, who allegedly lied to Hubert Damayong, a cheque signatory, that she had to make a payment to a landlord and he raised a cheque for K9800 that was allegedly cashed the next day.
Kin allegedly followed up with Dawa to complete that transaction but was instructed by Dawa that she was still waiting for the title search from the Lands Department.

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