Court finds man guilty of manslaughter


A Gulf man was found guilty by the National Court in Waigani yesterday of killing a man at a workshop in Port Moresby last year.
The court found that Maitae Hereva had no intention of killing Morgan Ido and reduced the charge of murder to a lesser charge of manslaughter.
Hereva, will return to court on Oct 19 before Justice George Manuhu for a pre-sentence report from his lawyer from the Public Solicitor’s Office.
He told the court that he had nothing to say after being convicted.
Hereva’s lawyer would be making a submission on penalty the court would impose on him.
The court heard that Hereva was a first-time offender.
The court also heard that on May 22, Hereva caused a fight with another colleague,  Mekoi Meana, over K300 missing  from his trousers pocket.
He started a fight, and when Ido intervened. Ido was punched three times on the head by Hereva.
The court found that Ido fell badly and suffered injuries to the back of his head which resulted in his death.

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