Court orders lawyer to leave


A MAGISTRATE in Lae on Tuesday ordered a lawyer out of his court for appearing late for a case.
Senior magistrate Jeremiah Singomat made the directions at the Lae District Court after lawyer Sostan Togo, from the Daniels Lawyers, walked into court about 30 minutes late for a case.
Singomat was presiding over a case in the absence of the lawyer and was responding to requests for an adjournment when Togo walked into the court room.
“I don’t want to see you in my court room, walk out of my court room. I will see you at a later day,” Singomat said.
“Physically move out of my court room, you are not fit to represent someone in court if you appear late like this in court.
“Move out immediately or I will charge you for contempt of court.
Togo walked out of the court room.
“You will have to in future go by my time,” Singomat reminded him.
Singomat told the defendant to explain the proceedings to his lawyer and warned that judicial representatives should appear on time or they would be charged for contempt of court if they were late.
The case was adjourned as requested by the police prosecutor.

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