Court orders officer’s lawyer to make appeal


A COURT hearing the case of a police officer facing a charge of attempted murder wants his lawyer to come to court to make an oral submission before a ruling is made.
Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Cosmas Bidar adjourned the case to Oct 18 and said the lawyer should be in court personally.
Bidar said written submissions had been made but he wanted the lawyer to come to court and make an oral submission.
Jeffery Napao, 25, from Wabag district in Enga is facing an attempted murder charge.
His lawyer is from Lakakit and Associate Lawyers.
It is alleged that on May 19, 2016, between 10pm and 1am, Napao was drinking with colleagues at the Morata police barracks.
A fight began between two police officers with one falling unconscious to the ground.
Napao then had an argument with another police officer.
He chased him and stabbed him with a knife.
Other police officers stopped him.
The police officer was later taken to the hospital.

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