Court performance vital


A COURT performs at its best when it is focused on its purpose, committed to measuring the results of its performance, has knowledge of its system, and committed to innovation, Guam Chief Justice Robert Torres says.
He said measuring the court’s performance was important in the court system.
Torres presented his thoughts on “Evaluating your court’s performance” during the Pacific Judicial Conference in Port Moresby.
“Why should we measure court’s performance? First of all, it tests your reality against your assumption on how well things are going,” Torres said.
“Many times the court will say: Well I treated my users fairly and they have access to the services that they need.
“But how do you really know that?”
He said measuring the court’s performance helped to identify key areas of great importance to the court.
“It also shows your recognition, your willingness and your ability to manage and meet your institutional responsibilities,” he said.
Chief Justice Carl Ingram of the Republic of the Marshall Islands said Pacific Island judiciaries had worked hard to enhance the quality of justice they dispensed.
He said the framework identified seven areas of excellence.
“They are court leadership and management, court planning and policies, court resources, court proceedings and processes, client needs and satisfaction, affordable and accessible court services, public trust and confidence.”

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