Court a ‘refugee centre’ says Kua

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The court has become a refugee centre for leaders avoiding accountability, PNG National Party leader Kerenga Kua says.
Kua, the former Minister for Justice and Attorney-General, told an awareness campaign organised by his party at the Eriku Oval in Lae last week that the National and Supreme Courts had become a refugee centre for leaders who were refusing to be accountable for their actions and decisions.
“They are running away from accountability,” he said.
“They are taking injunction orders and other orders and suppressing the enforcement of a warrant, arrest and convening of a leadership tribunal.”
Kua said too much pressure had been put on the judiciary by the lack of decisive and accountable leadership.
“They run to the National and Supreme Courts to be rescued,” he said.
Kua said leaders refused to own up to their actions and decisions but quickly sought protection from the courts for their wrongs.
“They are using public funds, your money, the people’s money, to pay for their legal bills,” he said.
Kua said the country was under special interest groups who were backed by certain politicians at Parliament.
He said those syndicates had funding to back their agendas so once they got into trouble, they quickly ran to the courts for help.
Kua said it was, therefore, necessary to create a change for the better by voting the right leaders in next year’s general election.
“If we don’t do it, we might as well kiss our future goodbye,” Kua said.
Kua said his party had a good track record and produced good leaders in the past so if it got into power, it would take the country back to the people.
“We know exactly how to do it because I started the process when I was the attorney-general,” he said.
“We need a government that will serve the interest of the people and not the interest of members of parliament,” Kua said.

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