Court: Simple work must be done fast


SIMPLE administrative work should not take too long, Waigani Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar says.
“The Public Prosecutors’ Office is not more than 400m away from Waigani Court House and signing of papers should not take that long,” he said in court yesterday.
Bidar said this after he found that election papers of the case of five men charged with break, enter and stealing beer from a policeman’s house was not signed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Peter Yangapi, Komprino Gwand, Madi Aha, Oscar Chanei and Charlie Sauto allegedly broke into the house of a policeman at Macgregor barracks at 9-Mile, National Capital District, on June 29 and stole five cartons of beer which were to be used as court exhibits.
The court heard that police prosecutors are still waiting for the election papers to be signed by the Public Prosecutor’s office to indicate whether the matter will be dealt with summarily or not.
Police alleged that the five men are either relatives or children of policemen living in the police barracks.
The beer was kept at the policeman’s house following a raid on shops selling liquor without licences.
Each of the men are on K300 extended bail and will return to court next month.

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