Court staff warned as hearings put off


The role of officers working at the registry in the Waigani National Court is important to the daily operation of court proceedings, a judge says.
Justice Allen David warned a male and a female officer they could be charged with contempt of court after files could not be located because they  were absent from work.
Justice David told the officers that he had to adjourn all his court cases that were listed on Monday because the files could not be located at the registry.
He told the officers and other staff that it was not right for associates to walk down to the registry to look for court files.
Justice David told the officers that such behaviour amounted to contempt of  court and both could be charged.
The female officer told the court that she was absent because she had to attend to her sick child. She also produced a medical certificate.
She told the court that she attempted to notify the office but her colleagues did not pass on her message.
The male officer told the court that he was also sick and was unable to contact the office to notify staff about his situation.
Justice David, however, accepted the reasons for both officers’ absence but warned them that such behaviour should not continue to be an issue since it was a serious matter.
He told the officers to make sure to notify the office if they were faced with an emergency situation.

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