Court warns of drugs


A MAGISTRATE says smoking marijuana is one of the reasons there are retards on the streets and “unimaginable” offences committed every day in Lae.
Lae district court magistrate Nancy Lipai said, before imposing jail terms on two men for being in possession of marijuana, the lives of citizens and their freedom of movement were put at risk.
Owen John of Paruwin village in Maprik, East Sepik, was jailed for one year and 10 months for being in possession of 5.4kg of marijuana.
The court heard that security officers at the Lae main wharf apprehended him when he was trying to board a ship last Monday.
John told the court that he had to sell marijuana to pay for his school fees.
Lipai said there were better and legal ways of earning money to pay for school fees.
“God created you for a good purpose – not to sell marijuana,” she said.
John Kare, of Baromi village in Gumini, Chimbu, was jailed for 12 months for being in possession of 600g of marijuana.
Police caught Kare at the Kamkumung market on Aug 26 selling marijuana. He admitted the offence.
“If you are a married with kids, you should be concerned about the welfare of your children because as long as you are in possession of the drug, you have committed an offence,” she said.
Lipai said it was useless trying to ask for leniency from the court because of the children.
“Drug-related cases in Lae cause many social problems and tougher penalties will be given,” she said.

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