Crackdown on illegal businesses supported


I READ with interest about the Government team cracking down on foreigners doing illegal business in PNG.
I believe other patriotic Papua New Guineans like me are in full support of this exercise.
About time.
Be serious or more will just come in knowing well our system is too weak to stop them.
When will we see those illegal immigrants deported?
They have abused our law so just get rid of them.
The officers in Immigration who allowed these crooks to enter our home illegally should be put in jail with maximum penalty?
There’s an influx of Bangladeshis recently doing general laborer jobs that Papua New Guineas can do.
These foreigners do restocking, cashier and security jobs.
There is much talk about reserving SME businesses for PNG nationals ,yet,  these foreigners with their small business are flourishing everywhere.   If the government is serious, set up a call centre where the public can report any suspicious foreign business being conducted by foreigners.
Get them out.
Shade, Die Hard PNG

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