Create platforms for grassroots, G-G says

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GOVERNOR-General Bob Dadae says creating a good platform for the grassroots people to raise their concerns with the Government and authorities is important.
Dadae yesterday launched a database for the National Capital District Grassroots Network Foundation in Port Moresby.
He said establishing such foundation created a better platform for people to voice their issues with authorities.
Dadae said that he once lived at the Six Mile settlement in Port Moresby and Tent City in Lae.
“As grassroots, raising concerns individually cannot be heard by those in authority and that is why most of our issues are not solved.”
Dadae said raising concerns
collectively was important.
He said helping the unfortunate people like the grassroots was a noble thing to do.
“Creating such avenue for our unfortunate to express their concerns is the noble thing to do in helping the people,” he said.
He commended founder and patron of the National Capital District Grassroots Network foundation Michael Kandiu for spending his own time and resources to help the people.

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