Crime control is cops’ main job, Parkop says


NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says the primary responsibility of police is to control crime in the city.
He raised this in regards to concerns echoed by the public about the high rate of petty crimes around the Gordon market area in Port Moresby.
“One way NCDC is trying to help police in addressing the issue is to build a new market to create proper parking areas for vehicles and bus stop for PMVs,” Parkop said.
He said a groundbreaking ceremony for the market project was held about three years ago, with money made available by the New Zealand government.
Parkop said the money was still there.
“Unfortunately, the project has taken this long because of the delay in the designing of the market structure and other issues related to costs that we need to manage it back to the available funding,” he said.
Parkop said the market project included traffic, parking and prevention of petty crimes.
“I’m confident that when the new market is built, it will help to change those negative behaviours of people there,” he said.
He said in the meantime they would continue to address the issues.
“As far as NCDC is concerned, the market is safe but it’s just the people who gather outside of it with their negative behaviours.
“We cannot manage this on our own as it is the primary responsibility of police to also assist in keeping our society safe.”

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