Crimes blamed on count delay


By Rebecca Kuku
AN increase in crime in West New Britain has been blamed on the constant delays in the counting of election votes.
Provincial police commander Jim Mamora said there was a marked increase in petty crimes and there were several major crimes committed as well.
He said delays in counting caused by disgruntled candidates and their scrutineers had a ripple effect on the province and it included crime and the provision of security.
“There has been a few major armed robberies in the province,” Mamora said.
“Some people are taking advantage of the elections and have been continuously breaking the law and committing all sorts of crimes.”
Mamora said the 20-plus security force officers were adequate but the more the counting was prolonged, the more the crime rate in the province increased. He said delay in the counting process would not only cause fatigue but see it can cause other problems.
“Routine police operations must be made possible as quickly as possible to restore confidence in public safety in Kimbe town again,” Mamora said.
“It is my desire to see that counting and the general hype of elections is conclusively ended and quickly so that people can carry on with their normal life and routines. This election operation has already taken a toll on police and Correctional Services manpower in the province.”

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