Crocodile attacks man


A MAN narrowly escaped from a crocodile last Thursday at Morehead in Western by twisting the beast’s front legs.
Morehead station manager Maninanzang Gantau said 34-year-old Mathew Yamar, from Iokwa village, was admitted at the Daru General Hospital following the attack.
The crocodile grabbed Yamar by the left leg but he fought it off by twisting its front legs.
Yamar was resting along a river bank eating wild berries he had found floating on the river.
“He was busy eating when the crocodile crept up to him from behind and grabbed his leg. It then dragged him into the deeper waters to drown him but Yamar sat on the crocodile’s neck, grabbed both hands and twisted them strongly,” Gantau said.
“While Yamar was shouting for help in pain, the crocodile, also in pain, opened its mouth and Yamar quickly freed his leg, jumped away.”

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