‘CS has no outstanding claims with firm’


WISKY Fresh Ltd has no outstanding claims with the Correctional Service, according to Commissioner Michael Waipo.
He denied recent media reports made by the managing director of Wisky Fresh Berry Maip, who said that four years remained in a 10-year contract to supply rations to the Baisu Correctional institution in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands.
“Wisky Fresh Ltd’s contract with CS expired in 2010,” Waipo said in a statement.
“All claims for Wisky Fresh have already been paid. As per Correctional Service (CS) records, there are no outstanding claims for payment for Wisky Fresh Ltd.”
Waipo said that the company was allowed to supply rations to Baisu because it was a local company.
“Wisky Fresh Ltd as paid the money in advance, but was unable to comply with the terms and conditions set,” Waipo said.
“So another local company
from the area next to the jail was identified and awarded a one-year contract to provide rations to the institution.
“Supply of rations is on a one-year, short-term, contract basis awarded to all local companies which are reviewed annually under set-down terms and conditions.
“CS prefers this arrangement so that people living in communities surrounding the institution and the province can enjoy spin-off benefits. CS supports the small-medium enterprise concept of the government and in this small way tries to assist everyone to grow their business and not just one person.”
Waipo said if Maip thought that there were outstanding claims for Wisky Fresh, then the appropriate venue to address that was through the courts.
He said that identifying and awarding of contracts to any service provider to CS was under the jurisdiction of the commissioner according to the CS Act 1995.
He said commanding officers in jails around the country did not have the authority to appoint service providers, change contracts or award contracts.

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