Cuba to support PNG

Health Watch

THE country will be getting medical support from Cuba for the treatment of diabetes and cancer patients, according to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Back from a State visit to Havana, O’Neill said one of the areas that impressed him the most was the treatment of diabetic patients in Cuba.
“Cuba has found a medicine that is now able to cure diabetic patients,” O’Neill said.
“We don’t have to amputate them (patients) anymore. This is one of the ways that we are trying to advance over the next two or three months.
“We will start importing those drugs and then will start importing some of their medical personnel to come and implement the treatment of diabetic patients.
“It is a huge concern apart from lifestyle changes.
“We must make sure that we treat the people who are now suffering immediately so that we don’t have to amputate them.”
O’Neill said Cuba also had a cure for cancer patients.
“We are going to get their (Cuban) personnel to come and help us run our cancer units in Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“They were able to have 60 to 70 per cent success rate in treatment of cancer patients in their country.”
O’Neill said the life expectancy in Cuba was over 80. They were able to achieve this through innovative ways to address health needs.
“I am very happy that we are able to get support from their doctors (and) we are able to get support from their professors in training our doctors here in Papua New Guinea,” O’Neill said.
“We are also able to arrange for them to help us in sport medicine. There is quite a specific way for that treatment and Cuba is one of the leading countries out of that.”

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