Culture now part of curriculum in WHP schools

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SCHOOLS in Western Highlands will take culture as a subject in order to maintain their culture and tradition.
Governor Paias Wingti, pictured, said that in Mt Hagen yesterday after replacing the Mt Hagen Cultural Show committee with  a new management team.
Wingti said the province had 24 new high  and secondary schools and they had  50,000-60,000 students.
He said young people were adapting to the modern world and forgetting their culture.
Wingti said that the province, after four years, would have 30 high schools with few secondary schools.
“We will make sure culture will become a subject and schools will hold their cultural shows annually,” he said.
“School shows will become a normal practice for every school because I want culture to become a lesson,” Wingti said.
He appointed former Mt Hagen Cultural Show secretary and acting chairman John Bonny as the new manager of the show.
He said show activities were starting to die out because people were not taught their importance.
He said that culture was was a sleeping giant that could bring in a lot of benefits.
Wingti said schools would teach various cultures, including those where students came from.
“It can be a culture from the coastal area or Highlands, it does not matter.
“Students will learn all cultures, Wingti said.
“This is our pride we need to make it work because tourism is a gold mine that can help the province generate income,” he said.

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