Culture on show during border festival


INDONESIAN and Papua New Guinea citizens displayed cultural dances during the final day of the Dance and Music Festival at the popular Batas Market along the PNG-Indonesian border.
PNG groups included the Wutung Primary School students and a women’s group from Morobe.
Also performing was popular Indonesian singers based in Jakarta and Jayapura that added some excitement with popular Indonesian music and dances at the Wutung-Skow area of the border on Wednesday.
An official from the Indonesian Tourism Ministry Adella Raune said that this festival was to end this year’s monthly festival at the Batas Market after it started off in June.
“This is part of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia’s overall strategy to achieve the target of 20 million foreign tourists to Indonesia by 2019,” Raune said.
“Such festival activities also held in Indonesian border areas with Timor Leste and Malaysia.
“Such festivals are to attract tourists to the border region.”
Raune, who is also the Ministry’s Asia Pacific Deputy Director, said that the Batas market festival is a potential market to be developed for tourists to come from PNG to Indonesia.
“The geographic proximity and cultural similarity have placed PNG particularly West Sepik as potential market for us(Indonesian). And, the Dance and Music Festival in Batas has enables every one to freely to come and enjoy the Festival.
Raune said that the festival has been a success this year and next year the festival will also be held at the Weam-Sota area along the southern part of the PNG-Indonesian border.

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