Customers told to avoid giving PIN, card to third party


THE use of the Bank South Pacific Eftpos by individuals who loan out money is illegal, chief executive Robin Fleming says.
Fleming said that its customers should not give their cards or pin numbers to “loan sharks” because of the risks involved.
“I continue to say to all our customers that if you want to maintain the integrity and security of your cash, you must always have your card and PIN with you. You don’t give you card or your PIN to anyone,” he said.
“It exposes you not just to the risk of losing your cash but potentially identity theft because someone can use that card to say that they are you.
“Stealing your identity is as big an issue as stealing your cash.
“We always remind our customers whenever they get a new card to not give it to anyone with their PIN.
“And if we do see people at ATMs with cards that do not belong to them, our securities will take the card off them.
“That may be why they are migrating to Eftpos. But again you do not give your card to a loan shark.
“From our perspective we cannot control everyone who uses an Eftpos terminal. But if someone has been given an incentive by a loan shark to use their Eftpos terminal, to me that would be illegal as they are receiving cash that is owned by the person that owns that card.”

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