Customers told to avoid illegal water connections


WATER PNG Ltd in Lae has warned its corporate customers to avoid doing illegal connections as they would be charged and prosecuted.
Senior manager for Water PNG-Lae Martin Bigiglen issued this warning after Water PNG disconnected water supply to one of its corporate clients who was found to have accessed water through illegal connection.
He said many customers were accessing water through illegal means and that was uncalled for as many loyal customers were continuously paying their bills to keep water running in the city
“Stealing services through illegal means is unfair and wrong. Illegal connection is one factor that causes low water pressure in a large city like Lae,” Bigiglen said.
He highlighted that Water PNG was looking forward to expanding their services so major clients like businesshouses should pay their bills and refrain from doing things like illegal connections
“It is uncalled for when corporate clients steal water through illegal means and I warn clients that we will get hard on you if you are doing that. If you are caught doing illegal connection then you will pay more than what you’ve taken from us so be wise to avoid that,” he said.
Bigiglen warned that the penalty for illegal connection was K10,000 for corporate clients and K2,000 for domestic clients.

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