Cut-off road needs rebuilding


THE road from Mount Hagen to Rulna in Western Highlands, which has been cut off for more than 20 years, needs to be rebuilt, deputy governor Wai Rapa says.
A big landslide in 1993 took away a section of the road which is yet to be rebuilt.
More  than 7000 people who use that road live in the council wards of Tiki 2, Palg, Kurunga, Rang and Keya.
Rapa last month walked for nine hours to reach Kotna before catching a bus to Mt Hagen.
He did the same when returning to Rulna. He went there to witness the opening of staff houses and classrooms at Rulna Primary School.
He experienced the hardship people were facing.
Rapa called on Governor Paias Wingti and the provincial administration to fix the damaged section of the road.
A new road could be built to avoid the landslide area.
“This should be a priority for the provincial government because people are suffering which is not fair,” Rapa said.
He said a health centre and churches were located there.
“It is sad to see people carrying heavy loads with them and walking for many hours,” he said.
“The provincial government needs to fix the road instead of preaching a lot without doing anything so that our people there have a better road excess for services.”

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