Dadae, wife visit cancer patients

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GOVERNOR-General-elect Bob Dadae and wife Anna visited cancer patients at Angau Memorial Hospital.
Dadae visited two wards comprising 30 patients. A patient had died hours earlier.
Currently, oncologist registrar Dr David Kundi is assisted by radiation therapist Julie Cecil and Becky Pais with Dr Cathy Timothy.
Spokeswoman Dolly Aion from Wabag, Enga, urged the Government to provide better treatment facilities, medicines and specialists.
“Cancer patients are feeling pain every day and as I speak, there is no oncologist to specify our drugs and even no morphine to treat us this evening,” she said.
“Two-three patients are dying each day in infested colonial building.
Why is the Government depriving our rights to proper health care and not listening to our pains and tears?”
Dadae said the visit was to observe health issues affecting the people.
He paid a visit to chief executive officer Dr Christopher Kenyhercz then toured the National Cancer Treatment Centre (NCTC) and visited the patients.
“I will no longer be an MP but as the head of the nation.
“I have the mandate to advise the Government over critical needs of the country,” Dadae told the patients.
They told Dadae that they needed a separate NCTC to cater for research, screening, diagnosis, pathology and treatment with specialists and nurses.
“Cancer facility needs cubicles to cater each patients rather than mere open space slotted with clothes.”

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