Database for business growing


THE founder and organiser of TradeLinked PNG Linda Honey says the database for businesses in the country and Cairns is growing.
Honey said Tradelink PNG was to be the counterpart for TradeLinked Cairns.
It started there years ago and the database has reached 6000.
She said the network with operators and business people in Papua New Guinea was already here.
“We see what we have to do very well here and what areas we need support in,” Honey said on Tuesday night at a Tradelinked event in Port Moresby.
“In Cairns we run a similar network and it works vice versa.
“Anyone doing business can see what business opportunities are in Cairns.
“The beauty of all of this is that we have one common database. When people sponsor a trade link, they have exposure to about 6000 companies.”
She said the database for PNG was 600.
“So it is absolutely amazing for everyone to just understand what we do in PNG, how well we do it. It’s an amazing exposure to the country,” she said.
“What we are trying to do is exchange – what we do well, what we need assistance with and vice versa.
“Everyone gains out of Tradelinked. You have the opportunity to showcase your product to Australia and PNG.”

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