Daulo people, choose qualified leader


IT HAS been the norm for the Daulo electorate in Eastern Highlands for quite a number of years.
Even though funds have been allocated for the district by national government, there are hardly any service in the district.
The only two changes which I have notice ever since is the Daulo High School and the Asaro Health Centre which are recently built.
Apart from this if am correct there are no other services in the district.
We have the potential to develop faster like any other districts.
We have the cash commodity coffee and the good fertile land that can boost the agriculture sector to generate income for the district and also the Mud man is a very attraction seeker for the tourist worldwide so the district can also boost tourism if the district privatise the mud-man.
Now is time, wake up people of Daulo, look and chose a qualified leader who can talk on our behalf and bring services to the district to the best of their ability.


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