Deal with autonomy at the national level


THE Government must take the issue of autonomy away from provincial politicians and deal with it at the national level.
Autonomy is not an issue that belongs to provincial politicians.
They have no business wasting their people’s money calling meetings and adopting meaningless resolutions.
In New Ireland, caravans of autonomy zealots occasionally convey down the breezy Boluminski Highway, parading themselves in front of timidly-equipped villages.
They bombard them with messages of economic salvation.
The same is happening in other provinces.
Autonomy infringes on the National Constitution and therefore is a national issue.
Provincial politicians have been taking full advantage of the ignorance of people at the village level.
Promising them autonomy is the cure for socio-economic ills.
People’s mindsets have been so contaminated that the idea of autonomy has taken hold and is gaining momentum.
Granting autonomy will redraw the power structure between the three levels of government.
The biggest loser will be the National Government and if that happens we all lose.

John Paska
PNG Trade Union Congress

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