Deal to boost services


the public-private partnership policy was developed in 2014 to seek assistance of private sectors to provide health services to the 89 districts in the country, Health Department strategy policy executive manager Ken Wai says.
He said during an agreement signing between the department and Catholic health services that due to the geography and majority of population living in rural areas, the policy was developed to work in partnership with churches and non-governmental organisations.
“We have 22 provinces and 89 districts, so diverse in terms of population, the nation with a thousand tribes and 800 languages so the department can’t do everything. That’s why we developed a public-private partnership policy,” Wai said.
“We can try and work with various partners within the society in the country, so this is one of the agreements when it comes to church health services.”
Wai said almost 50 per cent of Christian health services were managed by the church.

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