Deal with disciplinary issues, supervisors told


SUPERVISORS are responsible for dealing with disciplinary issues in the police force, the director of the Internal Affairs Department Robert Ali says .
He said discipline impressed on recruits during training were ignored by some when they began working as police officers.
Ali said the only way to discipline officers was for supervisors to continuously remind officers on what they should and should not do.
That sometimes does not happen and as a results, officers face disciplinary action from the internal affairs department.
“The biggest problem I see here is that some supervisors fail to do their duty,” Ali said.
“If they don’t supervise the people under their command, we deal with a lot of undisciplined officers. For example, the basics that we normally do like station parades every morning and telling them not to chew (betel nut) and no smoking when in police uniform, no drinking on duty.
“Doing an inspection before allocating tasks to the officers.
“This is not happening.
“That is the reason why many young people (police recruits) come out and do their own things, and set their own standards.”
He said his role in the internal affairs unit was to check on the behaviour of officers and the responsibility of supervisors in instilling discipline.
Early this year, Ali had said that they are taking a serious view on any kind of ill-discipline, including staff who don’t adhere to the dress code.
He had said that disciplinary issues were not internal affairs issues alone, but should be the concern of everyone in the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

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