Deaths booze-related: Turi


By Alphonse Porau
MANY killings in Port Moresby are alcohol related, National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi says.
He said this yesterday in relation to incidents that occurred over the weekend at Korobosea, Waigani and the murder at the Chilli Peppers club last week.
“People get out of control and get into fights where they end up killing each other,” Turi said.
“The incident that took place on Sunday at Korobosea was a result of a fight amongst drunkards on Saturday night where a man from Gulf got shot by a Highlander.”
He said a similar incident occurred at Waigani where a man from Southern Highlands, who worked for ANZ, got into a fight with his client while drinking and he accidently fell and hit his head on a concrete floor which resulted in his death.
Two suspects involved in the death at Korobosea were arrested by police.
Police also made one arrest in relation to the Waigani incident and two in relation to the killing at the nightclub.

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