Deaths over sorcery claims rife in Northern


SORCERY-related killing is on the rise in Northern with the latest victims a father and son, Popondetta police reported.
Provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari told The National a suspect in the double murder was now in custody.
Gerari said the victims, Lester Kororo (father), 45, and Georgeking, 29 were both allegedly murdered last Sunday at Moro village in the North Coast area of Ijivitari district.
He said the two were allegedly killed over suspicion of involvement in a sorcery act which the villagers claimed had caused the death of another young man.
“The young man was attacked by a crocodile in the Ope River on Sept 1 and his body has not been recovered since,” Gerari said.
“While the villagers were in a discussion over the crocodile attack, the suspect (name withheld) attacked the father first and chopped him. The son who tried to get away was speared on the leg and when he fell he was stabbed.
“Police officers were dispatched to the area right away and the suspect was arrested and has been charged for willful murder.”
In another sorcery-related incident, about 20 men burnt down a house and destroyed food gardens belonging to a man they suspected of sorcery in the Vuvuji village also in Ijivitari district.
Gerari said police were called into the area but the suspects escaped and were still at large.
He called on people of Vuvuji for their support to hand over the suspects to police because they would also be charged for harbouring them.
He said people were suffering as a result of sorcery-related killings and has called on the Government to take action.
“This is a very serious matter and the Government needs to step in immediately,” Gerari said.
“Law and order for us is under control but it’s the sorcery related killing that concerns us because there is really no control over it.
“People are being killed and properties and food gardens destroyed all because of sorcery and what is the Government doing about that?”

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