Dege terminates staff to eradicate corruption

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NATIONAL Housing Corporation managing director John Dege says he recently terminated more than 40 staff in an attempt to eradicate corruption.
Dege said he was the innocent victim of the housing controversy faced by the NHC.
“I know exactly who is responsible for all these things in this organisation,” Dege said.
“I’ve terminated many of them. Actually last week, I terminated seven.
“Today (yesterday), I am terminating 36. I want to go out on a clean slate.
“If there is anything that they hold against me, then they can get out there and go to the papers (media) and speak aloud.
“I am not the crook here. I am sitting here running the administration.
“When it comes fortnight pay, I am looking for money to pay salary bills.
“These people collude with the buyer and everybody else.
“What happens is that when I have no money in the system to pay for operational costs and salary bills, they come and say boss we got this cleared.
“They are the ones who are advising me and here I am a victim of their actions.
“They wait until the crucial period and then come to me to sign off. That’s the problem here.”
Dege said he had never bought a house for himself.
“I have lived in a rental property and now I am going back to the block in the settlement,” Dege said
“I have been using a hire car (and) I am returning it.”
He said his term at National Housing Corporation would soon be up but he had plans in place for the organisation.

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