Delay in court judgements beyond society’s control: Kuman


DELAY in the delivering of judgments by the courts is beyond the control of the PNG Law Society, president Peter Kuman says.
He told a parliamentary committee hearing in Port Moresby yesterday regarding the current practice taken by lawyers to inquire into judgments pending in Court.
“There is a practice direction issued by the office of the Chief Justice if a decision is reserved and not handed down beyond three months,” Kuman said.
“The lawyers or parties involved are required to write to the office of the Chief Justice and inform the chief justice.
“They have got a tracking system as I understand, internally where the chief justice tries to speak to the judge concerned. That’s all that we do. How the chief justice deals with the judges is a matter for him.”
Chairman for the lawyers statutory committee Vincent Mirupasi said lawyers contacted the judges’ associate to follow up on reserved judgments.
Kuman and Mirupasi’s comments come after committee member and Northern Governor Gary Juffa raised his concerns on the delay in the handing down of judgements by the courts.
“It is in the interest of not just the lawyers but also the clients,” Juffa said.
He had asked Kuman to clarify if the PNG Law Society was responsible for assisting the judiciary to hasten the handing down of decision by the courts.
He said some cases had dragged on for years.

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