Delay in issuing blue plates concerns PMV operators

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TWENTY-one trucks affiliated to the Klinki PMV Association in Bulolo are yet to receive blue PMV plates from the Morobe Land Transport traffic registry to operate legally.
The trucks were issued with white plates to access roads but are not allowed to carry passengers.
Klinki PMV Association chairman Dan Nali said that delay to process blue PMV plates was a concern for PMV operators in Bulolo, Markham, Menyamya, Watut, Nawaeb, Finschhafen and Kabwum areas since last year.
Nali blamed the Morobe Land Transport Board (MPLTB) and traffic registry for the delay.
As a result, the PMV operators are feeling the pain from police traffic unit that is collecting K60 daily from each truck for using white plates and carrying passengers.
“Collecting K60 daily kills PMV owners who have to repay loans,”

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