Demand for police services high in NCD


The demand for police services has increased dramatically in National Capital District and Central due to increasing population, outgoing NCD/Central divisional commander Sylvester Kalaut says.
Kalaut  said this yesterday when handing the reins to Donald Yamasombi during a handover parade at Boroko Police Station.
“The society we live in today has become more complex,” he said.
“The issues arising are complex in nature. This in itself is a challenge for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary on a daily basis. Many of the issues we face daily are crimes against persons. We have crimes like assaults, grievous bodily harm, rape, sexual violence and murder. It shows a breakdown in society where people no longer respect each other and do not even treasure life.”
Kalaut said investing more in Christian education and ethical principles was a step towards reducing such crimes.

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