There is demand for second medical school: Official


A SECOND medical school is vital due to a large demand for it, School of Medicine and Health Sciences executive dean Professor Nakapi Tefuarani says.
There is a plan to have a Divine Word Medical School established, he said.
Tefuarani noted plans to change the School of Medicine and Health Sciences into a university to meet the considerable demand for health services in the country.
“Absolutely, there is a shortage and we are trying to address this,” Tefuarani said.
The medical school is trying to have a separate university starting next year so instead of graduating 50 to 60 we will increase that to 100 and slowly up to 200.
“The objective is to reach at least 400 doctors a year after becoming a university.
“There is one doctor to 17,000 of the population in the country according to the World Health Organisation and there is need to increase the numbers we graduate where it is not only doctors but pharmacists, dentists, nursing and medical laboratory because they all work together and no one is independent of the other.
“There is no question that the country needs another medical school but standards must be met, and as it is, Divine Word has not met all the standards so it is a very dangerous venture right now.
“The medical board has to solve all the issues and approve it because even though they may be training, they will not be able to practise.”

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