Democracy denied


I AM a simple farmer and my understanding of democracy is that I have the freedom to do whatever I wish in compliance with the laws of the country.
If democracy is for me, why were my family and I, tribesmen, and the people of my beautiful Tolu council wards deprived of our constitutional right to vote for the leaders of our choice?
Our ballot boxes were allegedly taken into Kerowil, Singirok Barracks, where voting took place under the watch of security officials.
An amateur footage showed what happened.
Isn’t that enough evidence for Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato to allow the six disputed boxes to be counted again?
My family and I did not vote in this election because we were intimidated and threatened not to enter the polling station.
Is this what we call a free, fair and safe election?

John Karapka
Tolu 2 council ward, North Waghi district

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