Department commends Ialibu-Pangia district


THE Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) has commended Ialibu-Pangia district for successfully implementing the District Service Improvement Programme (DSIP) to improve the livelihood of the rural majority.
Department officials during a routine SIP monitoring early this month found out that the district has the capacity to drive itself forward.
In a meeting in the district, the DIRD team heard from the deputy district administrator and district project coordinator Michael Ariando that the district already had about 300 public servants working in the district.
DIRD senior project officer Prenella Anuk responded to Ariando’s briefing saying they already had the various government sectors needed to drive the district.
She said what the Government would like to see was all the sectors working together to delivery services in districts.
“All the necessary government facilities, staffing and various government sectors are here,” Anuk said.
“We would like to see all those sectors take the whole of government approach, working together to build the district under the direction of the district administrator as the chief executive officer of the DDA.”

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