Department secretaries tour college

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Personnel Management Secretary John Kali and Agriculture and Livestock Secretary Dr Vele Ila’ava were given a tour of the rundown Highlands Agricultural College in the Wahgi Valley of Western Highlands.
College principal Phillip Senat took the two secretaries, as well as PNG Institute of Public Administration director Angori Wewerang and his deputy Philip Sapsi, on a tour of the campus.
Staff and students also met and talked with Kali about the state of the college.
Despite being located on prime State land of 298 hectares, in the fertile Wahgi Valley on the banks of the Wahgi River, facilities are rundown and have not been maintained because of lack of support over the years.
HAC – formerly known as Highlands Agricultural Training Institute – is now rundown and a shadow of its former glory.
Kali plans to turn the HAC into a regional training hub for public servants, which he says will see the college boosted with improvement in facilities, as well as recruitment of more staff.
He was saddened to see the rundown state of the HAC.
Kali promised HAC an immediate boost staff numbers to train students in agriculture.

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