Dept reminds staff to look after teachers


MORE than 100 workers of the Ministry of Education have been called upon to serve teachers well so they can deliver better-quality education.
“You are here for a purpose and you have to serve that,” said  Department of Personnel Management representative Rick Kogen at the induction programme of more than 200 Education Department workers.
“You won’t be directly delivering education services like teaching, but the Department of Education facilitates the service of teaching, so now you are in a position to facilitate quality education services or delivery of quality education to our children throughout the country.
“If you don’t play your part, then you will affect the delivery of education service.
“Let’s all conduct ourselves in a proper manner
“Let’s perform our duty within the confinement of the rules and regulations governing public service.
“Let’s do the right thing because we cover the code of business ethics and conduct and that will impact on education service delivery
“This induction programme increases your knowledge and understanding of the National Public Service, the laws and regulations governing public service from the department to the province and district level. Also, you knowledge and understanding about you department, its mission, vision and core business, what are the major roles of the different divisions within the education department.”
Certificate recipient Josephine Gabriel said: “In my section, we serve the public servants making sure that they are comfortable to serve teachers.
“If I haven’t done well, I will improve from today being a certified proud public servant.”
A total of 240 staff members of the Teaching Service Commission, Education Department and Office of the National Library and Archives attended the two-week Public Service induction programme.

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