Dept told to use funds wisely


TREASURY Secretary Dairi Vele has advised department heads to manage funds within their budget as 2017 will be a tough year.
Vele told department heads to work with State-Owned Entities to enter into a repayment plan to address their utility issues. He said utility bills were always an issue for Government departments and urged them to work with the SOEs to sort out the bills.
“The tax situation is what it really is. In terms of our resourcing, we are trying to give Internal Revenue Commission and PNG Customs as much resource as possible so they can achieve the numbers that we all are hoping they achieve,” Vele said.
“Non-tax revenue is an area that needs emphasis. All statutory agencies and SOEs should be giving what they have been earning over the last term into government for the next couple of years.
“When times are good, you can go back and earn all these money and keep it for your expansion and operations. But right now, it is those funds that we require to build more roads, schools, bridges and hospitals.
“If you are making super profits then the Government should get a little bit more. We’ve reduced the operational budget by 25 per cent.”

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