Descendant to revive connection


A descendant of a Russian explorer, anthropologist and biologist who was in Papua New Guinea (then known as New Guinea) over a hundred years ago will be in the country to promote the PNG-Russia connection, according to Miklouho-Maclay Foundation in a statement
Nicholas Miklouho Maclay was the first explorer who fought for the rights of the local people of New Guinea.
He was also the first to show the world that the locals of New Guinea were as human as the rest of the world.
“On the 13th of September 2017, Maclay is returning to New Guinea again,’’ said the foundation
“Almost 150 years ago, it took him 11 months to reach New Guinea but now it will take him only two days.
“Well, not the same person but his fourth generation descendent, Maclay IV, from Russia.”
He is the only person in his family to have the same name as his great grandfather.
The statement said Maclay Jr wanted to revive the lost cultural and scientific connection between Papua New Guinea
and Russia through this expedition.
It added that the team members for the expedition will include scientists from Russian institutions which have collections of Maclay’s work
According to the foundation, the last expedition in Gorendu and Bongu village was by Soviet researchers in 1971.
It said those reasearchers were surprised to learn that the locals still remembered Maclay Snr  so well.
The latest expedition will:

  • Visit Bilbil and Yakob villages to see the remains of a balangut canoe and meet the elders who recall the stories of Maclay.
  • Celeberate independence day in Gorendu and Bongu villages where Maclay Snr lived and worked
  • Exchange information with the National University and Musuem of PNG
  • Conduct exhibitions of Maclay’s work, photos and paintings during his stay in both the villages
  • Take photos and make videos to show the rest of the world.
  • Organise live tele-bridge or teleconference between Russian reporters and PNG sources
  • Visit the Maclay school in Bongu.
  • Felicitate the memorial in Garagasi.
  • Hold a press conference in Madang

The name Raicoast was taken from Maclay.

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