Development partners urged to maintain ties


Deputy Health Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala, pictured, urges development partners, non-governmental organisations and stakeholders to maintain their partnership in the fight against HIV and AIDS in the country.
He said so far PNG has done well in its anti-retro viral therapy (ART) coverage, HIV testing and general HIV/AIDS awareness and counselling.
“The good things that we are doing, we need to maintain that and if we relax ourselves, this opportunity will built ourselves up can easily break down and the problem can get worse,” Dakulala said.
“Don’t be thinking that HIV Aids is there and we have to take it lightly.
“Test early and start anti-retro viral treatment and that’s a very good important point.
“As we roll out different components of interventions we have to help our people to come in and find their status, especially those who are in high risk settings and then we can get them on treatment which is available as well, so that we can have a PNG that is protected.”

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