Development plans need change


THE country should change the way development plans are carried out by using a strategic approach that focuses on the natural resources and human development, an official says.
Department of National Planning and Monitoring assistant Secretary Michael Kumung said during a forum the strategy for responsible and sustainable development detailed how we could improve our performance.
The stargtegy was presented in 2012 during the Alotau Accord.

  • Prescribes a new development plan that is human development centric and strategically position PNG’s future in the changing world;
  • aims at building a new economy on the strength of unique strategic assets and managed population growth; and,
  • Supports Government policies.

“Look at cost issues and also look at the strategic assets things that give complete advantage on what we can do better among our people,” he said.
“We have things like our rivers, agriculture, the ocean with the stock of tuna and forest with all the biodiversity.”

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