Digicel customers face the missing 5t issue


I SEND this email as a letter to the editor voicing my disappointment at telco company Digicel PNG Ltd.
I have this issue that I am sure other Digicel subscribers face, the missing 5t issue.
After entering flex I get a USSD message advising me of my balance.
However, after trying to subscribe to a data plan or wantok combo I get a message telling me that I do not have enough credit to purchase the plan.
Then I get a message asking me if I’m missing K2, and if so I can ‘dinau’ and repay the K2 with interest.
It seems like the system is rigged and meant to make you spend more just to get one plan.
I do not bother calling the care line because I will get the same response.
Can the Digicel team please look into this because this happens after every second or third top up?

Disappointed Subscriber, POM

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