Digicel ‘matching skills with growth’


DIGICEL has aligned its labour size to acquired efficiencies it its operations, according to chief executive Valde Ferradaz.
Ferradaz said the company had just more than 1000 employees which was “relative” to the needs of the organisation.
“I think customers expect a better service and more value. And I wouldn’t say it’s lower than before but it is relative to what we can give our customers,” Ferradaz said.
“Employment has multiple facets and we still have a lot people that have been here for 10 years.”
He said digital efficiencies brought by technological development had seen a downsizing mainly in the company’s call centres.
“If you look at downsizing, it is mostly in the call centre and the self-service portals and basically customers empowering themselves,” he said.
He said the company was grooming local talent to be less dependent on expats.
“We have women leadership programmes, people development programmes, and we have to develop our local people to run their own regions,” he said.
Ferradaz said the firm was committed to developing people within their operations and that the number of staff were reflective of the company’s needs in the digital world.

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