Dimokari inspires others

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A 22-YEAR-old female student from the University of PNG has embarked on a journey to inspire others, especially women and girls, in Port Moresby.
Third-year student Lydia Lisa Dimokari started “girls’ night” in the Gerehu community last year to facilitate positive discussions and inspire fellow women and girls.
Named as “the Mission Vibe,” her project is to motivate women in the community aged between 13 and 20 to make empowered decisions through teaching them soft skills on how to plan, how to identify values, and how to discover and construct relationships in the society.
Dimokari was recently nominated as one of the four Youth Champions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations in Papua New Guinea.
“We live in a society of brokenness,” she says.
“I think myself privileged to be in university and be able to dream about a better future.
“But when I looked around my community in Gerehu, I realised most girls of my age do not have opportunities to feel confident and value themselves.
“I also noticed most of them have dropped out of school due to difficulties and pressures in their family and society and ended up staying home.”
Previously, Dimokari participated in a leadership training conducted by the Voice Inc and gained a solid commitment to share whatever she has been entitled to.
After completing the training, she started the community project.
“Despite severe circumstances around them, I would want my peers to have access to information and opportunities to identify values in their lives,” Dimokori said.
“I am inspired also every time I conduct a session for them by seeing a good number of women and girls are keen to learn something new.
“I will continue to work for the people in the community and try to expand the programme to educate more young women in a wider community.”
Her message to young people is: “Your dreams are as achievable as anyone who has achieved their dreams.
“I encourage you to be an active part of society by serving for any purposes and work every day with a positive attitude.
“Volunteering is one of the good options.”
Her journey to inspire peers for better future continues and she said she would continue hold meeting about certain issues affecting girls and women in the Gerehu suburb to inspire and empower others.

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