Dion: Follow right procedures


PRESIDENTS, mayors and members of local level governments must follow correct procedures when resigning to contest the general election.
Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion said they should have resigned before the issuing of writs.
He said Section 26 (1) (d) of the Constitution provided that LLG members were subjected to the Leadership Code such as other leaders.
The Leadership Code includes the relevant provisions of the Constitution, relevant Organic Laws and relevant Acts of Parliament that sanction the actions and omissions of leaders.
Section 27(4) of the Constitution empowers the Minister for Inter Government Relations to ensure that local level government members do not breach their duties under Section 27(1) of the Constitution.
“I now issue instructions on the process to be observed by presidents, Mayors and Members of Local¬ level Governments, intending to contest the general elections,” Sir Leo said.
“Section 30 of the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local- Level Governments provides for the types of vacancies that exist in LLGs and the process in filling those vacancies.
“Leaders who fail to comply with this circular will have their non-compliance treated as grounds for dismissal from office.
“I advise that all State assets in the possession of the leaders (motor vehicles, outboard motors, houses, computers and any other things purchased with Local Level Government funds must be surrendered to the State upon their resignation.”

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