Dion keen on geothermal project


DEPUTY Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion has assured the people of Rabaul town and East New Britain that he will continue to push for a proposed geothermal project in the province.
A team from the province had travelled to Iceland to see how Iceland was using geothermal energy for development purposes.
Sir Leo said geothermal “must be accessed” in the province.
He said it was vital for such issues to be addressed to see more changes.
He said the geothermal concept was delayed because there was a need for some changes in certain government policies.
“If I have the opportunity, we will build the geothermal project for East New Britain,” he said.
“The geothermal project is my baby. It was easy – all we needed was K4 million to carry out an exercise. The province is getting K20 million every year since 2013.
“The question is what are we doing with the money? If there is no cooperation at the provincial level, then there will be more delays.”

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