Disapointing and confusing


THIS is in response to the disappointment expressed by the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission and the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates on the legality of the conduct of the Electoral Commission when it advised the governor-general to invite the People’s National Congress party to form the government.
One of the problems leading to this was the resignation of members of the Election Advisory Committee, rendering it redundant.  When the PNC was invited to form the government not all writs had been returned (99 writs returned, 12 remaining, The National August 1).
The 12 yet undeclared seats would be constitutionally mandated leaders and should be allowed to be part of the decision-making process in the formation of the government for they too would represent and speak on behalf of the people of their provinces and districts.
There has been confusion on who should actually be invited by the governor-general to form the government. Is it the party with the most elected members or should it be the biggest coalition of parties. Ideally it should be the party with the support of the majority of elected members.
Constitutional offices should exercise their mandated roles and responsibilities without fear or favour.

John Karani
Morata, NCD

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